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Our Purpose

We are a non-denominational New Testament congregation, striving to restore the essentials of Christianity. We endeavor to lead lives of faithfulness and devotion guided by Christ as the divine Son of God and the Bible as the inspired record of God's revelation.

Wellspring Christian Church has no headquarters or rule from any outside source. We are locally autonomous and our own Elders lead in spiritual matters. Being neither fundamentalists nor modernists, we call ourselves Christians. We realize that we are not the only Christians, but simply Christians only. We have no other name.

Our authority is the unchanging Word of God. We have no creeds but the Bible. Where it speaks, we speak. The Scriptures are our only rule of faith and practice. We allow the utmost liberty in opinion in matters where Scriptural revelation does not legislate. And we accept the fullest conformity to the clear and uncontested revelation of the Word.

We insist upon those matters which the New Testament sets forth as requirements for forgiveness of sin: faith in God and His Son (John 3:16; Matt. 16:16); repentance for sin (Acts 3:19; Luke 13:3); a public confession of Christ (Romans 10:9; Matt. 10:32;).

Membership in Christ's Church includes baptism in the name of Jesus Christ "to fulfill all righteousness" (Matt. 3:13-15); and a Christian life of steadfastness (1 Cor. 15:58).

We also observe the Lord's Supper as a time of remembrance (1 Cor. 11:23-27; Luke 22:14-20), believing this to be the will of Christ and a means of spiritual nourishment (John 6:53).

Simply stated, our goal is to restore the church as it was when it first began. We don't claim to be perfect or the "only" church. We are simply a body of believers working to restore the vitality of the Christian life.